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Best Sunglasses for Big Noses or Wide Nose Bridge

Did you know that it is possible to look classic in sunglasses even with a large nose? The best sunglasses for big noses should be able to compliment your nose or create a contrast to make it look smaller and in place. They should have oversize frames and a low wide nose bridge to make it appear shorter. Read on for the best cheap sunglasses for big, wide nose bridge.

What Type of Sunglasses Should I Get for Large Nose and Big Faces?

Do you have a big face? What sunglasses are good for wide noses and a big face? The nose is usually the most prominent feature on the face of course after eyebrows. The best sunglasses for big noses should have embellishments to lessen the attention drawn to your nose. Ill fitting glasses can add to the size and make worse the shape of your nose. For people with large noses, the most important factor is making less the prominence of your nose in the frame.

What are the best sunglasses for big noses
Which glasses should you choose to minimize your nose?

Here are a few tips to help you choose better while buying the a good designer pair of sunglasses for big noses

  • Choose a thicker frame that draws attention horizontally, away from your nose to the ears
  • Go for a low bridge. This will raise the lenses higher, drawing attention away from the nose
  • Wide lenses help make the facial features appear smaller especially the nose
  • Dark solid colors highlight the sunglasses making them more prominent than your nose
  • Square or rectangular frames give a bold illusion to the face drawing attention away from your nose
  • Choose wrap around glasses

Here are our BEST 4 Pairs

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses (Designer)
  • Ray-Ban Women’s 4101 Jackie Ohh Sunglasses (Designer)
  • Under Armour Hammer Wrap-arounds (for Men)
  • Smith Rosewood Polarized Sunglasses (Perfect for women)

Wide Frame Sunglasses

Wide frame sunglasses for big noses give you more space in between the nose to make your nose look shorter. Choose a pair that has a dip at the center or an opening bridge. A pair with adjustable nose pads can come in handy as well, for a customized fit. Large frame sunglasses, divide the long vertical line of your nose more evenly making the lower portion of the nose appear smaller.

Glasses not only protect your eyes, they can be a key factor in improving your general outlook. Remember that is takes a balance of all facial features to come out looking as perfect.

Go low on features you wish to minimize and compliment those you want everyone to see. Obviously, your nose is not one of them. Combine other tricks such as hairstyle, makeup and scarves for a perfect do with your choice of sunglasses for big noses.

Best Sunglasses for Big Nose – Top Brands

Are you looking to make your honker look smaller and better? Check out our top brands of the best eye glasses for a big nose. The different styles and sizes help give your nose an illusion of small and short.

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses (good cheap and affordable sunglasses for a big nose)

    Tiny glasses may not cut it if you have a large nose
    Tiny glasses may not cut it if you have a large nose

Ray ban sunglasses have gained popularity in American pop culture since the 1950’s. The brand has huge sales and is well received. With lots of their products in the market, we help you narrow down your choices to cheap Ray ban sunglasses for large noses. Make big saves on ray ban sunglasses from our selection.

Wrap Around Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses have semi circular frames and curve around the head. They often convey a sporty, masculine look. The bold, manly look draws more attention to the frame leaving your nose free large sized troubles.

The wider field of vision created by the added lens width of wrap around eyewear is essential for athletes who rely on their peripheral vision for optimal sports performance. Wrap-around frames are ideal for people with heart-shaped, oval, or diamond faces.

Wrap around glasses for women
Wrap around glasses for women

Oversized Sunglasses

Over sized glasses is a trend that is yet to fade off. They are perfect and compliment just about anything that you wear. They have wide lenses and cover almost half your face. Oversized types of glasses are mostly seen with celebrities hiding from paparazzi. Because the lenses stand out, they overshadow facial flaws such as a large nose or wide nose bridge. They can easily be found at most sunglasses stores.

An oversized pair will do magic for a more prominent nose like Nicole Scherzinger's
An oversized pair will do magic for a more prominent nose like Nicole Scherzinger’s

Designer Sunglasses

Want to make your nose look trimmer? Remember that a pair of glasses should be fancy enough to draw attention off your nose. Designer sunglasses offer a sense of fashion and give you a high end feel from top designer brands. To find one that compliments big or large nose, choose one that based on the features that draw attention away from your nose such as bold frame and wide low set Nose Bridge.

Wide Nose Bridge Sunglasses – People with Big Noses

They say that a large nose is a personality. Did you know there are many people who have and love their big noses? This is to make you feel not alone and that there is a lot you can do to make a big nose look smaller and better. Here is a list of celebrities who have embraced their big noses with a burst of personality.

Men with a wide nose bridge find it difficult to choose sunglasses
Men with a wide nose bridge find it difficult to choose sunglasses.
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Meryl Streep
  • Julia Roberts
  • Lady Gaga
  • Paris Hilton
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Bob Tuschman
  • Michael Jackson
  • Howard Stern

Sunglasses to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

To make your nose look smaller, choose glasses with wider nose bridge, large lenses and thick frames. These features overshadow the size of your nose by drawing attention away. For convenience, get adjustable nose pads.

Note: There are many other factors that can affect the appearance of your nose. For women, hair styles, makeup and hat or scarf selections play important roles.

For men, the height of the hair line and the style and cut of beards and mustaches, if present, can greatly affect the appearance of any facial features.

Avoid having facial hair by all means, to keep attention off your face. These factors, combined with your eyeglass frames, can be altered to complement each other and make your nose appear smaller.

Best Shape and Style Glasses for Big Nose

Different shapes and style glasses for big nose can be quite tricky. Glasses with a wide frame compete with the size if your nose and help even out unlike smaller frame sunglasses which draw lots of attention to the nose area.

Wrap around sunglasses
Wrap around sunglasses

The best shapes of sunglasses for big noses should be bold and stand out. Rectangular and square shaped glasses, Rimless and metal frames will fit men with wider noses best because they allow the nose to blend in with the lenses. However, plastic frames with a low bridge will make wide noses look larger.

There is wide range of sunglasses style for large nose to choose from. Remember bold and classic is the secret to having eyes off your schnoz. Here are different sunglasses styles that compliment large noses.

  • Aviator
  • Wayfarer
  • Semi-rimless
  • Butterfly
  • Shield
  • Wrap


  1. I am looking for aviator/cop style sunglasses for myself. The top of my bridge is well over 60 wide, so every pair I try on has to have the nose pads pushed all the way open and they still sit high on my face.

  2. I have a long eagle type pointed nose. It looks so big and all draw attention to my nose when they see me. So please suggest some sunglasses models and casual specs models to me to overcome my problem with long nose. Thank you.


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